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Tag ideas for Crochet


Here's some keywords you could use in your tags and a couple in you description would be good. The tags listed should help with Google SEO.

Remember- only use the tags that apply to that specific item, add other more specific tags too.

Keyword Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches (United States)

-Crochet patterns
crochet scarf patterns 60500 49500
crochet headband pattern 18100 14800
crochet purse patterns 14800 8100
crochet sweater patterns 18100 14800
beginner crochet patterns 27100 18100
crochet instructions 27100 14800
learn to crochet 40500 9900
easy crochet patterns 49500 33100
tunisian crochet patterns 5400 2900
crochet magazine 27100 8100
crochet supplies 3600 1900
crochet magazines 18100 4400
crochet books 14800 5400
filet crochet patterns 8100 5400
half double crochet 14800 9900
learning to crochet 22200 1900
crochet for dummies 4400 2400
simple crochet patterns 40500 33100
double crochet 60500 33100
scarf crochet patterns 60500 49500
crochet flower pattern 33100 18100
single crochet 33100 22200
beginning crochet 2400 1900
crochet classes 8100 5400
crochet jewelry patterns 2900 1600
beginner crochet 60500 40500
scarf patterns crochet 60500 49500
crochet necklace pattern 2900 1900
crochet shawl patterns 18100 12100
filet crochet 27100 9900
crochet headbands patterns 9900 6600
crochet doily patterns 9900 6600
crochet videos 33100 4400
crochet slipper pattern 12100 8100
crochet afghan patterns 90500 60500
baby crochet patterns 135000 90500
crochet hat patterns 135000 110000
crochet baby patterns 135000 90500
crochet patterns baby 135000 90500
afghan crochet patterns 90500 60500
crochet stitches 135000 74000
basic crochet stitches 2900 1300
crochet how to 9140000 2240000
crochet hat pattern 165000 110000
amigurumi crochet patterns 8100 3600
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patterns for crochet 1220000 823000
crochet patterns 1220000 823000

-Crochet tools/supplies
tunisian crochet hook 2400 1300
crochet needles 6600 3600
crochet machine 4400 1600
crochet kits 5400 2400

-baby crochet
crochet baby blanket 60500 40500
crochet baby headbands 4400 2900
crochet baby blankets 49500 33100
crochet baby hats 40500 27100
crochet kids 33100 22200
crochet baby hat 49500 40500
baby crochet hats 40500 27100
baby blankets crochet 49500 33100
baby blanket crochet 60500 40500
crochet baby 301000 165000

-Crochet clothing
crochet dresses 60500 22200
crochet shrug 9900 6600
crochet headband 40500 27100
crochet doilies 14800 8100
crochet sweater 49500 27100
crochet tablecloth 9900 4400
crochet beanies 40500 27100
crochet skirt 14800 8100
crochet sweaters 33100 22200
crochet beanie 60500 49500
crochet vest 22200 14800
crochet afghans 60500 49500
crochet beanie hat 18100 14800
crochet purses 14800 9900
crochet slippers 27100 18100
crochet poncho 40500 9900
crochet beret 14800 9900
crochet hats 165000 110000
crochet scarves 90500 60500
crochet hat 301000 201000

Find Your Passion- Crochet


What's the Passion: Crochet

Your Customers:
Crochet is a technique that can fit almost everyone's tastes.
New mothers who want cute props for baby photos, people buying for new mothers.
If you can write your own patterns then you'll have a large market of crocheters to sell too!

Price ranges:
The highest selling (actually being bought items) are in the $35-39 mainly baby photo props.
But the prices of baby props do range from $15-39.
Crochet patterns being the highest seller (numbers, not price wise) range in prices of $1-10
^This information is based on Etsy's research function by searching "crochet".

Etsy Market:
The most selling crochet items on Etsy is patterns- which makes sense because most Etsy shoppers are crafty anyhow.
There is a market for finished crocheted goods because not everyone can crochet, and not everyone has the time to crochet.
From what I see the biggest sellers are patterns, baby props (blankets, hats, etc); adult hats and scarves are also selling.

I'm guessing the reason items that are priced higher (blankets, clothing, etc) are not selling (as much or at all?) on Etsy because of the economy?
Those who make more involved crochet items may want to offer them on other markets, markets where the buyers are less crafty themselves.
^This information is based on Etsy's research function by searching "crochet".

When I search "crochet blanket" only patterns are selling.

Summer is great time to sell crochet "barefoot sandals". Fancy beaded, but comfortable versions would be great for summer and beach weddings! Also crochet bikinis, crochet cover ups, crochet wide brim sun hats.

Promotion Ideas:
*Learn to write patterns! At least that's what I gather from the Etsy market.
Also make baby crocheted items because adorable sells!! Of course that's a given.

One key is using the words "Hand-made by design" as opposed to home-made-- hear the difference? Market like you would anything else. Be proud of what you've done.

Offer basic colors, and basic color combinations for your main inventory. Most people stick with the norm when it comes to colors.
But also do colors that aren't usually made, but make less of these. Because there are quirky, cool people like us too.
Don't forget about the folks who like the darker, gothy, side of style too.

Different and new designs are great (think mohawk hats), geek related motifs are great (think video game characters and Dr Who, etc). But to capitalize also offer general patterns and motifs (think basic designs and shapes we're familiar with).

The corporate world does better with sales of crochet clothes, I think because they stick with basic clothing shapes, and colors.
Not too many people would wear a yellow and orange shirt.
See this site as an example of basic crochet clothing shapes etc

Be sure to think about sizes- petite and plus sizes tend to be ignored the most. I noticed this at a craft fair, an older larger woman liked the crochet shirt, but it wasn't big enough for her.

In the corporate world crochet shorts, swim coverups, sweater dresses all did very well last year and I believe will this year too.

It seems there is no way to "make a living" on selling finished pieces alone. If you design a few key pieces that are cute/beautiful/unique, easy to make in quantity and with a reasonably priced yarn, then you can turn a nice profit.
Besides that, a full-time crochet biz definitely would need to include designing and selling patterns and teaching crochet lessons/classes, or offering kits and other supplies.

Although fully crocheted items aren't selling due to high price (proper price due to labor involved), remember that crochet details on sewn clothing or decor can do really well in the market.
Just be sure to emphasize the hand-crocheted-ness as hand detailed or hand crafted/made {not home made}.

In depth research:
"Crochet Shorts" on Etsy Market
33% of sales $15-29 range
19% of sales $45-59 range
15% of sales $30-44 range
8% of sales $60-75 range : mainly bridal shrugs

"crochet top"
38% of sales $3-5 range- infant tube tops

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Make a Quick Bottle Shelf for Pottery Glazes

Make a quick bottle shelf for your glazes, and paints.
Great for any studio, not just pottery studios.

(Click photo to follow to tutorial)

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Find Your Passion- Pottery

What's the Passion:
Pottery, ceramics, anything made with clay or cement.
These items can range from mugs, plates, bowls, decor containers such as a yarn bowl, or
any other vessel like creations.

Your Customers:
Anyone who appreciates the work and value of hand crafted pottery.

Price ranges:
depends on size and amount of work that went into the piece, also if it's ancient art or currently handmade.
but on Etsy the prices range from $15 into the $1000s.
on the general market I'd say most handmade pottery reaches lower than $1000.
It depends on the target market you wish to reach.

Etsy Market:
What has sold on Etsy mostly ranges from $14 to $69

Promotion Ideas:
craft fairs, art gallery, all the usual means of promotion work with pottery.

beautiful colors, quirky themes or shapes to the pottery, but also simple designs for minimalist folks.

Check out my Pinterest board for tutorials, examples of shops, and inspiration.