Sunday, February 3, 2013

Find Your Passion- Pottery

What's the Passion:
Pottery, ceramics, anything made with clay or cement.
These items can range from mugs, plates, bowls, decor containers such as a yarn bowl, or
any other vessel like creations.

Your Customers:
Anyone who appreciates the work and value of hand crafted pottery.

Price ranges:
depends on size and amount of work that went into the piece, also if it's ancient art or currently handmade.
but on Etsy the prices range from $15 into the $1000s.
on the general market I'd say most handmade pottery reaches lower than $1000.
It depends on the target market you wish to reach.

Etsy Market:
What has sold on Etsy mostly ranges from $14 to $69

Promotion Ideas:
craft fairs, art gallery, all the usual means of promotion work with pottery.

beautiful colors, quirky themes or shapes to the pottery, but also simple designs for minimalist folks.

Check out my Pinterest board for tutorials, examples of shops, and inspiration.

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