Monday, December 16, 2013

Blog Planner- Creative Business Binder Library

Now that you have your supplies, lets get started on your blog planner.

I originally was going to split my planner between 2 blogs, but during construction realized the binder was too full.So I have a binder for each, one finished and one not.

Binder is really full with both blogs paperwork.

My Sections are as follows:
I. Schedules/Calendar/important info
  monthly, weekly, daily
  editorial calendar
  account passwords log
  -post planner for the week
  -post planner for series

II. Blog design

III. Blog goals/planning
  what u want to accomplish
  master blog to do list
  hopes, etc
  yearly review questions
  blog marketing, stats?

IV. Blog Finances
  sponsors/ad space payments
  tools you bought for blogging

V. Giveaways, sponsors & ad space info
  examples of what you offer
  your SOP of how to write a sponsored post/ad

VI. Blog post categories {a divider each}

The Handmade Biz Blog
Getting Started
In the office
Shop Design + Branding
Listing + SEO
In the Studio
Gift Ideas {sponsors, affiliates}

LizsWares Blog
small business
sponsors + affiliates
Home making
Shopping Guides
Home Decor
Vintage finds
Look what I found

How to use your blog planner:
{I currently} on notebook paper:
 draft the post
 write notes on what to research, tags to use, category
 upper right corner: "post" "series" "finished" "X" when posted

under each blog section I put:
blog idea lists
blog post drafts
ideas to research
list of current post for that category {add a new list every year}

Your Assignment For This Week:
1. Print the dividers that you intend to use, or design your own.

2. Gather supplies in front of you.
  binder{s}, plastic dividers, printed dividers, tabs for plastic dividers
3. Gather all paperwork for this binder.
  doesn't have to be every piece right now, just what you already have on hand

4. Start sorting!
 -Lay out all your printed paper dividers on a clean table or floor
 -then place the plastic dividers over them
 -start piling your paperwork on their appropriate pile
This method lets you see everything, and it gets sorted now.

For a quick assembly just put your dividers in order now, then add your paperwork as you can.

5. Put everything in the binder!
 This binder system won't work if you don't keep everything in one spot.

6. Now that all your papers + dividers are sorted, lets print up the tabs for the plastic dividers.
 Change the words if you like. Then put them in. {The Avery website has the template for the dividers.}

Next Monday we'll work on your main office binder!

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  1. Wow, you are organized! I'm stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team. :D