Monday, January 6, 2014

Shop Sketchbook- Creative Business Binder Library

Today we're working on your shop sketchbook.
The purpose of this binder is to gather your ideas for that specific shop.

I currently have 2 binders started, but many more in progress.

Ideas to have in your sketchbook:
1. Reproducable Items Recipe book
you should have reproducible items as your 'bread and butter' pieces
  so write down your supply list exactly + steps to create each of these reproducable items
  it'll help you remember what supplies to stock, how to create them, and instructions for if you ever have employees to help you create them

Divider in my LizsWares Sketchbook

Instructions I keep in my LizsWares Sketchbook

Other things to include in your sketchbook:
drawings of product ideas
tutorials for products ideas
supplies to try
supplies you need for each project
themes, color inspiration
pattern lists
magazine/catalog tear outs

Section Ideas:
by material
by item type- bracelets, rings, etc
Gateway Products
Upsell Products
Aspirational Products
core products- the main things you make
marketing products- {freebie promotional} business cards, newsletter, free mini ebooks, other printables
passive products- tutorials, ebooks, workbooks, tutorial videos, photobook of artwork/photography etc

Divider in my THB sketchbook for this project

Divider in my TheHandmadeBiz sketchbook for the Creative Notebook

Your Assignment This Week:
1. Print the dividers that you intend to use, or design your own.

2. Gather supplies in front of you.
  binder{s}, plastic dividers, printed dividers

3. Gather all paperwork for this binder.
  doesn't have to be every piece right now, just what you already have on hand

4. Start sorting!
 -Lay out all your printed paper dividers on a clean table or floor
 -then place the plastic dividers over them
 -start piling your paperwork on their appropriate pile
This method lets you see everything, and it gets sorted now.

For a quick assembly just put your dividers in order now, then add your paperwork as you can.

5. Put everything in the binder!
 This binder system won't work if you don't keep everything in one spot.

6. Now that all your papers + dividers are sorted, lets print up the tabs for the plastic dividers.
 Change the words if you like. Then put them in.

Next Monday we'll have a roundup for this series where you can linkup and share your binder!!

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  1. I took the stick end of a meat thermometer, put it all the way down to the bottom of the mold, Plastic Divider