Monday, December 30, 2013

Main Decade Binder- Creative Business Binder Library

Now to build your main decade binder.

to hold information that is not relevant to current year, but you should save for scrapbooking, backup info, tax purposes

How to divide:
simple= divide by year
could sub divide between= each shop, blog, main office papers

Examples of what to include:
the bank statements + financial statements
blog features of of your shop/blog from other people's blogs/Etsy/magazines
Etsy news {site and feature changes/updates to Etsy, News articles about Etsy}

(( I follow this same routine with my personal files as well.
Current year's files in my main binder, once year is over it moves to the "decade binder".
sometimes you can't fit a whole decade in a binder {I use 3" binders}, but usually you can. ))

Your Assignment This Week:
1. Print the dividers that you intend to use, or design your own.

2. Gather supplies in front of you.
  binder{s}, plastic dividers, printed dividers

3. Gather all paperwork for this binder.
  doesn't have to be every piece right now, just what you already have on hand

4. Start sorting!
 -Lay out all your printed paper dividers on a clean table or floor
 -then place the plastic dividers over them
 -start piling your paperwork on their appropriate pile
This method lets you see everything, and it gets sorted now.

For a quick assembly just put your dividers in order now, then add your paperwork as you can.

5. Put everything in the binder!
 This binder system won't work if you don't keep everything in one spot.

6. Now that all your papers + dividers are sorted, lets print up the tabs for the plastic dividers.
 Change the words if you like. Then put them in.

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  1. This is great! I am soooo bad at organizing. Its not even funny. This might be a good thing to try this year! Thanks for the inspiration!