Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How many blogs do you blog on?

I've been blogging since about 2009.
 I started with my "LizsWares" blog.
 Then opened my "The Handmade Biz" blog in December of 2012.
 now {2014} I'm starting my third blog "I'm Creating My Own Life".

I wanted to compartmentalize my topics a bit. I tend to do so with my thoughts
so it fits for me to do this. Some posts will overlap on the blogs.

LizsWares- will be for fashion {clothes + jewelry} posts, and sneak peaks into my methods.
The Handmade Biz- will concentrate on small handmade business tips, shops, ideas, etc
Im Creating my Own Life- will include recipes, home decor, home managment/home making, and life thoughts/tips/stories/journaling etc

Just like my idea of doing multiple Etsy shops I have a binder for each blog
so I can organize my thoughts, and posts.

So how many blogs do you own?

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