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Merchandising Calendar for May 2014

To keep things looking in line with the current season, use Etsy’s Rearrange Your Shop tool to move these holiday items to the final pages of your shop.

    Blog post Ideas

September is National Coupon Month- so have a coupon code for your store.

back to school, first day of school, school organization

Fall fashion items spotlight- your's or fellow handmade sellers

National Honey Month- honey making products {flavors etc}, honey bee keeping products for cold + warm seasons;
Classical Music Month- favorite classical artist
Backpack Safety America Month- back to school time remmeber to inform kids to not overstuff their bags.
National Chicken Month- chicken food products, chicken keeping products
National Coupon Month- couponing products, coupon for your products
National Mushroom Month
National Rice Month- rice products, and recipes.
National Skin Care Awareness Month- lotions etc, health tips.
Pizza Bake Month- recipes
National Waffle Week- recipes, products
Video Games Day- what's your favorite?, video game and other geeky items.
U.S. Tennis Open Tournament- tennis fashion and equipment
Talk like a Pirate Day- who doesnt love pirates!
Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere
Fall fashion items spotlight
Fall weather photos


{{ Northern Hemisphere- fall, Southern Hemisphere- spring))
While emphasis is usually placed upon the seasonality of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s important to remember that the Southern Hemisphere is preparing for spring. Maintaining seasonally appropriate options year-round is good practice for boosting international and overall sales.

---    Holiday + Sports Related
Celebrations and Traditions: Labor Day, the U.S. Tennis Open, Oktoberfest, weekend cookouts, family gatherings, references to sports, beer drinking, festivals, and German traditions.

Back to School: wrap up back to school promotions early in the month, with a heavier focus on fashion and office gear. Think organizational essentials, gadget and computer accessories, notebooks, writing utensils, cases, book bags, backpacks, satchels, lunch carriers, and fall fashion.  Creative gadget cases, docking stations and accessories.

Halloween is coming: Halloween searches are in their prime right now. Particularly popular at this time is decor, party supplies, full costumes and accessories (both baby and adult), jewelry, pumpkin decorating ideas, DIY kits, treats and treat alternatives, and the darker side of Etsy. Get in the game by listing your full Halloween line now.
  Celebrity references, film and pop culture reinventions, clever costuming plays on words, pet costumes, baby costumes, group options, vampire themes, folk and vintage decor, photobooth props, and the classic color combinations (orange, black, yellow, white, red, green, purple). Wizardry, magic, owls, and mysticism

Autumn: Seasonal shift in weather, colors, and activities. Think autumn home decor, entertaining, woodland motifs and nature’s symbols. Harvest themes encompass fall planting, preserving the summer garden’s bounty, rustic farm references, and fall food favorites. Tagging tip: “Autumn” is a more global seasonal association than the more American-based “fall” term; try including both as descriptive words.

---    Colors
*Northen- fall

Fall Colors that work just about every year: turquoise, richer earth tones, mustards, cranberry, deep berries and wine, muted greens, gray and camel solids.
2013s fall colors from the runway/Pantone- pastels; grays- dove, smoke, charcoal; green in deep, rich shades that embody the autumnal season; wide range of cool blue hues {cobalt to sky-blue}; Winter White
 Emerald Pantone 17-5641, Mykonos blue Pantone 18-4434, Linden green Pantone 15-0533, Acai {deep purple} Pantone 19-3628, samba {red} Pantone 19-1662, Koi {orange} Pantone 17-1452, Deep Lichen Green Pantone 18-0312,  Vivacoius {pink} 19-2045, Turbulence {gray} Pantone 19-4215, Carafe {brown} Pantone 19-1116

*Southern- spring
"These are all fantastic tips... however, it is springing into spring here in the Southern Hemisphere... please don't forget about us... We've only just crept away from winter's grasp and really need some cheering! Please don't make ALL of the themes about the fall!"

---    Other
Fall Fashion: clothing, accessories, and jewelry. More specifically, key basics, layering elements, the introduction of winter accessories and outerwear components, thick fabrics and rich leathers, autumnal tones, vintage boots and heavy-weight all-weather bags.
Fashion: Plaid, polka dots, and lace embellishments. Feathers, menswear, blazers, vests and jackets, midi skirts, gray basics, tailored and wide leg pants, patterned leggings and opaque tights, oxfords, vintage boots.

Weddings: Most brides plan way in-advance for their weddings so it's really best to have wedding products themed for all seasons stocked year round. Fall, Halloween, winter weddings are coming up now in the Nothern hemisphere.

    Dates to Remember

Sapphire is September’s birthstone; September’s astrological signs are Virgo and Libra (August 24 – September 23: Virgo, September 24 – October 23: Libra).

September is know as
National Honey Month
Classical Music Month
Self Improvement Month
Backpack Safety America Month
National Chicken Month
National Coupon Month
National Honey Month
National Mushroom Month
National Rice Month
National Skin Care Awareness Month
Pizza Bake Month

National Waffle Week
Video Games Day
U.S. Tennis Open Tournament
Talk like a Pirate Day
Autumnal Equinox

September  1: Labor Day 2014
September  6: Father’s Day in Australia
September  7: Brazil’s Independence Day
September  7: Grandparents' Day 2014
September 10: Sewing Machine Day
September 11: Patriot Day or September 11th
September 16: Mexico’s Independence Day
September 18: Int’l. Eat An Apple Day
September 22: Chinese Moon Festival
September 26: Native American Day
September 26: International Rabbit Day
September 28: Confucius’s Birthday

Pagan/Wiccan Calendar

  1: Celtic Tree Month of Hazel ends
  2: Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins
 10: Birthday of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
 14: Birthday of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in 1486
 14: Birthday of author Ellen Dugan
 17: Television welcomes Bewitched in 1964
 19: Full Moon -- Harvest Moon at 7:13 am
 21: International Day of Peace
 22: Fall Equinox or Mabon
 22: Ostara (Southern Hemisphere)
 29: Celtic Tree Month of Vine ends
 30: Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins

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