Thursday, January 24, 2013

Find Your Passion- Hair Falls

Hair Falls

What's the Passion:
Hair Falls are basically hair extensions that attach by an elastic band around a pony tail. Hair fall materials include yarn, foam, ribbons, synthetic hair, tulle, netting, and 'CyberLox'. Interesting facts. <- click for wiki info

Your Customers:
They are usually bought by those in the goth, raver, and Ren Faire scenes.
But can also be marketed for halloween, cosplay, and everyday wear (when they are small and subtle or natural looking).
It's safe to say the age range of buyers is from 10 years old to about 35 years old max.
Think crazy hair day at school, and finding their own style for the kids.
Think clubbing and anime cosplay for over 15 years old.

Price ranges:
From $8 for simple couple pieces ribbon designs
to $125 for more difficult techniques and uniqueness (designs no one else has done).

Etsy Market:
(Remember that you can sell your products somewhere other than Etsy, preferably your own site. But Etsy can be a useful business incubator when you're starting out.)

Search for hair falls yields  24,453 items. I noticed maybe a handful of shops that specialized in hair falls, and related goth/rave/Renaissance clothing and accessories.

Promotion Ideas:
Blog about the Goth/Punk/Raver/Renaissance scenes and mention how your hair falls can complete your customer's looks.
Many events for such scenes allow vendors so if you like face to face with your customers remember that tip!

Be sure to offer varying ranges of simple to elaborate.

Get creative with themes and color choices. Also remember general color combos like sport team colors, Harry Potter house colors. Or you could mimic a famous character/celeb's hairdo.

Also see my blog post about keyword ideas for tags and SEO.

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