Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tag ideas for Hair Falls


Here's some keywords you could use in your tags and a couple in you description would be good. The tags listed should help with Google SEO.

Remember- only use the tags that apply to that specific item, add other more specific tags too.

Keyword            Global Monthly Searches (Google Adwords)
Directly related tags:
hair falls        60,500
cyberlox falls        210
gothic hair falls    210
synthetic hair falls    91
hairfall        16,5000
synthetic dreads    14,800
yarn hair falls        170
cyber dreads        1,300
synthetic dread falls    390
cyber hair falls    170
hair extensions        1,830,000
beaded hair extensions    8,100
extentions        24,6000
hair pieces for weddings    2,400
hair extensions human    11,0000
fake dreads        4400
cyber hair        4400
gothic accessories    5400
fake hair pieces    720
dread wigs        5,400
hair extensions hair extensions    1,830,000
dreads wig        4,400
synthetic dreadlock extensions    390
fake bun hairpiece    110
cyberlox hair        170
cyber goth hair extensions    46
cyber hair wigs        140

Loosely Related but relevant tags:
goth hair        14,800
cyber goth fashion    320
fashion gothic    22,200
punk fashion    33,100
goth fashion    18,100
industrial goth clothing    590
emo punk clothing    880
goth style clothing    1,000
punk gothic clothing    2,900
gothic clothing women    3,600
clothing gothic        135,000
goth shops    49,500
gothic apparel    40,500
punk wear    60,500
industrial clothing    12,100
cyber clothing    12,100
gothic punk    14,800
gothic costumes    18,100
scene clothing    18,100
alternative clothes    40,500

Tag ideas from Etsy
yarn hair falls
tribal hair falls
gothic hair falls
cyber hair falls
steampunk hair falls
hair accessories
goth accessories

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