Sunday, April 21, 2013

Now Available for immediate Download- The Creative Notebook

Are you a handmade seller?
Do you sell your goods on Etsy, Artfire, Ebay, or other venue?
Are you looking for a way to organize all your information into one file?

Then you need The Creative Notebook!!

It's a bookkeeping excel file made for handmade sellers by a handmade seller, me, Liz. I've been running my own handmade jewelry shop on Etsy since 2009, and I needed a way to sort all my item's information. So I made The Creative Notebook. I read about so many people wanting a way to organize their information so I am selling The Creative Notebook, a bookkeeping file for Etsy sellers. The Creative Notebook can also be used for sellers who use other venues as well.

It's available for immediate download for $15 in my shop, The Handmade Biz.

Only $15!
Buy it today!!

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