Sunday, April 21, 2013

Your Social Voices

title- your social voices

I'm sure many of you have already been using social media for awhile now. If you haven't it's time to start. As a handmade business your customers want to know about what you're selling, but also about your tastes, information that they can relate to, inspiration, and all the "Dirt". They want an emotional reason to buy your widget. No matter the price of an item if someone "feels" they need it, they will justify the cost, and find a way to buy it.

Take a moment to think about how you "talk" online.
What do you want to convey to your customers?
Do you need multiple voices? If you have multiple shops that are very different then yes.
What goals are trying to achieve with your voices?

For Example: I have multiple shops, and I love to help and promote others when possible.
I chose to have two voices:
LizsWares- promote my jewelry, talk about things that interest me (homemaking, interior design)
The Handmade Biz- promote my shop, promote others, share tips, network with fellow entrepreneurs

Where you should be "talking" online:

You should have your own 'microphones' like: your blog(s), Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Kaboodle, your
own newsletter, your own website.

You should network where your customers are at: the above and forums for magazines they'd like, Etsy's blog.

You should also keep researching to build your business as you go, and network with fellow sellers.

What should you be saying?:
Share things your customers would want to know.
If you sell crochet beanies, talk about everything crochet.
If you sell steampunk corsets, talk about all things steampunk.

Remember that your customers are human, and humans are never one dimensional. They like other things too, like food! Everybody's gotta eat so share your interest in that perfect cheesecake recipe you found. But share it on the right 'microphone'.

Share tutorials that are in your niche.

Your blogs are the best spot to show of your creative side, give sneak peeks into your studio.
Pinterest is great for sharing tutorials, tips, showing off your tastes in fashion and more.
StumbleUpon is good for sharing sites that are related to your niche that you found.
Kaboodle is great for sharing your love in fashion, and decor.
Promote others too. No one wants to hear someone only talk about themselves.

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