Thursday, April 25, 2013

Suppliers- Purse Making

Buckle Guy has various buckles, chains, feet, studs, locks, frames, grommets, zippers.

Purse Supply Depot has everything you'd need to make a purse except fabric.

u-handbag supplier

Specializes in purse supplies, great website layout.
This site has an incredible array of handbag supplies. Everything you could need, including snaps, buckles, purse frames, feet, and other hardware. You must buy in lots, but the lot sizes are small and the prices are quite reasonable. They also have an eBay store: where you can score some real bargains.

Has tons on trimmings to decorate your purses with.
Strapworks is a great source for all kinds of webbing and hardware for bags. They carry a large variety of rings, swivel hooks (which they call snaps), and sliders, all in both metal and plastic. The site is geared to small (and larger) businesses, but they also sell to individuals.
This site isn’t for everyone, but if you are a small manufacturer or can buy in bulk, it’s one of the best resources for all manner of handbag hardware. There are minimum orders, but shipping is very fast, service is very good, and the products are used by designers and manufacturers of all sizes.
Selection looks amazing. But it looks like you have to order by catalog {which is available online or request a printed version} or over the phone.

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